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"READ FOR MORE INFO: This video contains pretty heavy topics and may be upsetting / triggering to watch. Depression is also something that may need to be treated with medicine / a medical professional, I would advise anyone struggling with it to seek out help and to talk about what you're going through!

""My Depression Story"" is not something I ever thought I would film, and this topic is not something I ever thought I would talk about. I have literally never discussed some of the things that I discuss in today's video, so please keep that in mind while you're watching / commenting. I'm sharing very personal things that even my family has never heard before.

At first, I didn't want to film this video because this is SO far from me- I don't even feel like this is the same life. I look back on this and it feels like two different people, two different stories. It doesn't actually feel like this is my story. But that's exactly why I had to film it- it is AMAZING that I am such a different person today, and that is only by the grace of God. I AM new, I am NOT broken, and I am free to tell you everything that I experienced because it doesn't define me.

At first I thought ""I don't want people to know that about me, because that's not me."" but actually, that IS me. We are all broken people. It's a gift from God that I can sit here and say that I am a new person. It's incredible that not only did God give ME life- but He turned all of the negative experiences IN my life into something beautiful.

I'm not crying in this video because any of these thoughts still affect me- I'm crying because these are such sad things to say and my heart hurts for anyone who is currently experiencing them.

I didn't want to film this video to share these experiences for myself [I have never shared these thoughts or times]. I''m sharing them because this was heavy on my heart that even though I am completely free of this- there are many people who are still hurting. If you're feeling broken or if you feel like your life doesn't have value- let me be the one to tell you how important you are. You are so loved, and Jesus can transform your life just like He did mine.

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"I got a lot of "just cheer up!" and "walk it off!" but it never worked. People just didn't understand"


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