How I cured Bipolar and now stay off medication!

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"The first in my video series about how I cured myself of the symptoms of Bipolar, beginning with acceptance...

Over the course of my video uploads I wish to share with you how I have remained 7 and half years WITHOUT medication!

I would say that Bipolar is something that causes a person to be very creative. Coupled with emotional trauma (that most people suffer with due to how humanity has ""progressed"" at this time), symptoms appear as on one hand, we may not have access to express our creativity, be it through music, art, dance etc, and on the other hand, we have not released the energy behind our emotional past.

Over the last 8 years, I have made massive changes to my life, and really looked at myself, my habits and my feelings, and bit by bit, day by day, my deep rooted feeling of self-hatred, dread and gloom have gone, and at the same time I have remained grounded, and been able to avoid any uncontrollable highs.

Of course, that is not to say I have not had ""bad"" days or haven't felt anything, or conversely, not bounced around a room! But now, I enjoy allowing any feelings that arise on any given day, be it, excitement because of something that I am doing, or sadness because I have seen something sad. THAT IS NORMAL! Previously, I had suppressed most emotions not knowing it was ok to cry, or get too excited.. and over time, any turmoil I went through, and feels of hurt or shame, were pushed down to join the collection of other sad feelings, until the overwhelming feeling in my body was gloom and self-loathing. And how do you avoid that? GET HIGH (and not just with weed)... so of course I had hyper times as I soared in the sky trying to feel better any way possible, instead of embracing the feelings that made me so sad...

Join me for more videos and hopefully, I might say something that helps you on your journey to medication-free, self love and a life that YOU choose!

Blessings and namaste brothers and sisters :)"


"A big part of getting better is through acceptance and acceptance alone."


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Tips & Hints

  • Establish healthy routines

    Doing exercise and establishing healthy routines can help you to relieve stress and level your moods. Try to sleep seven or eight hours...
  • Avoid alcohol and stimulants

    Drinking alcohol can neutralize the beneficial effects of the medication you have been prescribed. Alcohol can also cause liver damage,...
  • Be careful with the medication

    People who suffer from bipolar disorders have to avoid taking medications that the doctor has not prescribed. Let your psychiatrist, nu...
  • Keep appointments with your therapist and psychiatrist

    If you miss appointments, you tend to lose touch and can start to unwind. It is a good idea for your support team to know what is going...
  • Master your triggers

    This is extremely important. When you learn to identify your triggers you are able to manage your mood cycles when they begin, instead ...
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