Do Teens Really Prefer Marijuana To Tobacco?

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"Tobacco use seems to be declining, so are teenagers just smoking weed instead? Is there more to it?

Vaping vs. Smoking Pot: Which is Better For You?:

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Kids and Tobacco Use: Some Surprising Findings
“The number of kids smoking cigarettes is down—but the number using other tobacco products is way up. That’s the word from the 2014 National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS), co-conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration.”

Teens Are Smoking More Pot But Fewer Cigarettes
“Lanza and her team focused on information reported about the rates of use of three different substances—alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana—over the course of 37 years.”

Nicotine Addiction in Adolescence
“Most human research on nicotine addiction has been conducted with adult subjects, but the basic biologic processes that underlie this dependency appear to be similar in adolescents and adults.”

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"When I heard people speaking that to quit smoking is very difficult task so I really feel strange that if a person like me can get rid of it then every one can."


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  • Write a list of the reasons why you want to stop

    Keep the list with you and refer to it when tempted to light up. By write down the reasons why smoking is so harmful, the benefits of s...
  • Set a date for stopping, and stop completely

    Some people prefer the idea of cutting down gradually. However, research has shown that if you smoke fewer cigarettes than usual, you a...
  • Tell everyone that you are giving up smoking

    Friends and family often give support and may help you. Smoking by others in the household makes giving up harder. If appropriate, try ...
  • Don't despair if you fail

    Examine the reasons why you felt it was more difficult at that particular time. It will make you stronger next time. On average, people...
  • Anticipate when you are most likely to want to smoke

    In particular, drinking alcohol is often associated with failing in an attempt to stop smoking. You should consider not drinking much a...
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