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"Aware Lecture Series
February 2016

‘Supporting, caring for and loving a person with Depression or Bipolar Disorder whilst caring for yourself’ presented by Breda Dooley, MA Applied Psychology, MA Counselling & Psychotherapy, Professional Certification CBT

Breda Dooley was diagnosed with Bipolar aged 36. She presents on the personal boundaries required in families between the person diagnosed with a mental illness and their partners. Breda is interested in the family as a unit trying to deal with the challenge of coping when one member has a mental health condition. Breda references her own life experience as a parent and partner of 27 years to her husband. She also references her academic research on ‘Partners of a person who has a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder’. Feedback from her qualitative interviews with research participants indicate a felt difficulty of partners locating support in relation to their role as a ‘carer’ within the relationship/family unit. *

*Aware is developing a new programme for family members of people who experience depression or bipolar.

Visit to access information and supports for Depression or Bipolar Mood Disorder."


"I can create amazing meals but wouldn't want to do it professionally, too much pressure, i get joy from taking my time, it's therapeutic too."


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Tips & Hints

  • Establish healthy routines

    Doing exercise and establishing healthy routines can help you to relieve stress and level your moods. Try to sleep seven or eight hours...
  • Avoid alcohol and stimulants

    Drinking alcohol can neutralize the beneficial effects of the medication you have been prescribed. Alcohol can also cause liver damage,...
  • Be careful with the medication

    People who suffer from bipolar disorders have to avoid taking medications that the doctor has not prescribed. Let your psychiatrist, nu...
  • Keep appointments with your therapist and psychiatrist

    If you miss appointments, you tend to lose touch and can start to unwind. It is a good idea for your support team to know what is going...
  • Master your triggers

    This is extremely important. When you learn to identify your triggers you are able to manage your mood cycles when they begin, instead ...
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