How To Reduce Anxiety & Stress Naturally

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This is a very personal video for me because anxiety is something I’ve struggled with for most of my life. I used to be ashamed and embarrassed about this part of myself and thought it made me a weak person. In an effort to understand myself better I started reading books about the brain and psychology and now I find it extremely interesting. These tips come from years of learning, trial and error and are the CORE habits that work the best for me. When I do all of these things consistently, I am my most calm and happy self.

♡ Tip 1 – Planning and organization

How I declutter
How I plan/Inside my planner
All my organization videos

♡ Tip 2 – Eat frequently to maintain stable blood sugar

I make sure to eat something every 2 hours and have healthy, low glycemic snacks between meals.
My favorite snacks: bananas, nuts, lara bars, protein drink – the one I like is called Orgain

♡ Tip 3 – Natural Supplements to help with stress and anxiety

I have researched and tried many natural supplements to help with my anxiety and the top two that make a noticeable difference for me are magnesium and l-theanine. Again, this is just what works for me personally.

About magnesium and stress:
Best dietary sources of magnesium-
Epsom salt-
Magnesium powder-
Magnesium pills-

An amino acid found primarily in tea leaves, (Camilla Sinensis).
L-Theanine easily crosses the blood brain barrier, and plays a role in increasing and regulating several neurotransmitters, most notably GABA (gamma amino butyric acid). GABA promotes a pleasant calm without the drowsiness. L-Theanine interacts with dopamine and serotonin as well, resulting in increased focus, improved memory and learning ability
L theanine clinical research study
L-theanine supplement I take

Other supplements I take daily
Women’s multi vitamin
Omega 3
Tumeric (helps with mood & inflammation)

Other supplements for stress/anxiety I like and sometimes take

♡ Tip 4 – Positive Mindset/ Thoughts Reinforcement

My top 3 books that help improve my thought patterns

Don’t sweat the small stuff:
The Power of Now:
Your Brain at Work:

I find it’s necessary for me to continually re-read snippets of these books to keep the lessons fresh on my mind- otherwise I forget and go back to old patterns. I write down the quotes I like from these books and put them in “high stress” zones as reminders and I also play these books on CD in my car (since I tend to get stressed while driving)

Please let me know in the comments your favorite books/quotes!

♡ Tip 5 – Mindfulness

How meditation changes the brain
How to practice mindfulness in daily life
Apps mentioned: ‘Mindfulness Bell’ & ‘Stop, Breathe and Think’

♡ Other things:
Top I’m wearing:
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♡ S K I N C A R E B L O G ♡

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