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"This is how I organize and use my coping skills when I'm overwhelmed/upset/anxious. Hope it helps you too :)
song clip: you know what they do to guys like us in prison by MCR

List randomizer:

Coping skills:
- play guitar
- play bass
- listen to music
- knit
- crochet
- talk to friends
- lotion/smells
- go to the mall
- play with dog
- prepare for tomorrow
- ASMR vidos
- go on favorite websites
- eat food
- shower
- bath
- watch candles burn
- go on walk
- sewing
- paint nails
- hang out with friends
- sims
- skype friends
- journial/write
- bake
- tea
- re-write lists
- make a new playlist
- make plans with friends
- guided meditations
- youtube
- movies
- find happy place
- go on a walk
- swings
- muscle relaxation
- weighted blanket
- heat-up MICROWAVE SAFE stuffed animal
- rub makeup brush on skin
- doodle
- draw
- play with pets (I have chickens)
- DBT skills
- challenge intrusive/irrational thoughts
- write letters"


"Some things are not problems to be solved, they are facts to be coped with."


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