Smoking Addiction and how to get rid of it

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"Breathe, Again

This one’s a very effective method that can be employed to keep cigarettes at bay. Every time the urge to light up creeps, all you need to do is breathe in as much air as your lungs can take and very slowly let it out. Breathe the air in through your nose and go ahead and let it out through your mouth. You can close your eyes as you let the air out and lower your chin too. This will help you feel relaxed almost instantly. Do this thrice or as many times as you think necessary. The perceived need to smoke will only fade away.

Gulp! Gulp! Guzzle!
No, this does not mean you gulp or guzzle down inconceivable amounts of alcohol. It, instead, means that you drink as much water as possible. Juices too are allowed. Fluids actually do help your body rid itself of nicotine and various toxins. Two to three glasses of juice and six to eight glasses of water should do the trick.

Teetotaler Time

With a desire to quit smoking, it is a must for you to stay away from catalysts. As far as smoking goes, alcohol really is a big catalyst. This also works the other way around. Apart from alcohol, you might also want to consider taking it easy on sugary foods, coffee and tea. All of these just increase your desire to smoke, ultimately causing you to give into temptation.

Daily Bread

Believe it or not, but the food you consume actually plays a pivotal role in your desire to smoke. The more of junk you eat, the more intense does your need to smoke becomes. Stick to eating five healthy and small meals everyday and watch your cravings for nicotine take wings and fly right out of the windows of your life.

Fitness First

If you are a smoker and you decide to get into fitness, right there you have made one of the best decisions of your life. When you indulge in strenuous physical activities, and you are struggling with the execution of whatever it is you are doing, the naked truth is bound to hit you. The naked truth here refers to nothing but the fact that smoking has led to all the struggles you experience when presented with physical challenges. When you realize this, dropping the cigarette and maybe never picking it up again, becomes quite easy.

Seek Help
When you have a weakness, it does make you weak to admit that you have one. It, in fact, only makes you pretty strong. Surround yourself with loved ones and friends and speak to them about your desire to quit smoking. Who knows, with their help and unrelenting support, cigarettes may just be a thing of the past. As for the loved ones and friends who happen to be smokers themselves, you can either request them to not smoke in your presence or stay away from them when they light up.



"How ridiculous, I finally realized, that I am always hiding behind a wall of smoke, half the time not enjoying my time with family and friends."

Michelle Boisvert

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Tips & Hints

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  • Don't despair if you fail

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