E - How Much Do You Really Know Documentary Teaser

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"This is the trailer to a movie that might just get finished some day. This is a documentary that explores the who what where when why and HUH??? of MDMA or ecstacy as you might know it.

Phenomenal footage -- we actually got to interview Sasha and Anne Shulgin and travel around the world investigating the drug.

Did you know that Merck holds the patent on ecstacy? It's true. Contact me if you are interested in helping get this important document to the world, otherwise just enjoy the trailer and share it with friends."


"My goal in life wasn't living...it was getting high. I was falling in a downward spiral towards a point of no return"


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  • Learn healthy ways to cope with problems

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  • Look for help

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  • Seek support from your family

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  • Regain Power

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