Is Marijuana Addictive?

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Is marijuana addictive? Recovered marijuana addicts, with the benefit of hindsight, have put together these twelve give away signs of marijuana addiction. You can kid yourself by saying you are not addicted to pot, and that you can stop anytime, and that your habit is by choice. While this is true for some, many are in denial about the addictive nature of their habit. Perhaps not so much physically addictive as psychologically addictive.

This video puts in a non threatening cartoon way, the twelve warning signs one may be addicted to marijuana. The twelve warning signs are as follows. 1. Has smoking pot stopped being fun? 2. Do you ever get high alone? 3. Is it hard for you to imagine a life without marijuana? 4. Do you find that your friends are determined by your marijuana use? 5. Do you smoke marijuana to avoid dealing with your problems? 6. Do you smoke pot to cope with your feelings? 7. Does your marijuana use let you live in a privately defined world? 8. Have you ever failed to keep promises you made about cutting down or controlling your dope smoking? 9. Has your use of marijuana caused problems with memory, concentration, or motivation? 10. When your stash is nearly empty, do you feel anxious or worried about how to get more? 11. Do you plan your life around your marijuana use? 12. Have friends or relatives ever complained that your pot smoking is damaging your relationship with them?

If you decide to break the cycle of addiction and go off pot, and willingness is the first step, then find yourself a Marijuana Anonymous (MA) meeting in your local area. Having a support system is critical in breaking the addiction. There's strength in numbers. It'll be unlikely there's a MA group near you so Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are good substitutes. The mechanism of addiction is the same, although the choice of drug of abuse may differ.

Marijunana Anonymous has also introduced phone meetings according to their forum at which says phone meetings are held twice a day Mondays to Fridays at 10am and 4pm EST at (209) 647-1600, PIN 107678.

Another, smaller forum, that may be helpful is the one on Yahoo Groups at

If there are no MA, NA or AA meetings in your vicinity, then an alternative is the home study course at There is a charge for this course, especially as it's supported by a 24/7 email support service. If you get it, I will get a small commission from it. Just as full disclosure. The course is backed by an automatic guarantee within the first 60 days.

I wish you every success in coming off marijuana, lifting yourself out of the fog and lethargy and leading a life full of accomplishments, where you spend your money on positive things and do positive things."


"Just constantly stoned whether I'm working or at university or at home."


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