Kick Heroin Addiction in 15 Days in Thailand

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Patients line up every day at Thailand's Thamkrabok Temple to give up heroin. The monks give addicts a herbal tonic to induce vomiting and clear the toxins in the blood.

Pete Docherty (linked with Kate Moss and Amy Winehouse) and the frontman of the Libertines and Babyshambles visited the temple, but never stayed the course.

The treatment as well as the accommodation is free, only the food has to be paid. As the monastery lives on alms, donations are welcome. They may be put in one of the donation-boxes or be given directly to the abbot.

For more information and details about the Thamkrabok Monastery Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre, please contact:

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"It was now 3 weeks since I got high that first time. By now I'm getting high everyday, I'm lying to people about getting high and I'm sleeping with my dealer for free drugs. And I still don't see the problem. Heroin just blinds you. All I can see is the p"


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