Problem Gambling with Michael Burke

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Video Description

"Gambling addiction has grown to alarming rates. Hear Michael Burke,
nationally recognized speaker and author of ""Never Enough: One
Lawyer's True Story of How He Gambled His Career Away"", speak on
his personal journey with gambling; healthy vs. unhealthy gambling;
how it effects teens, adults and the elderly; and trends in Michigan.
Discussion also includes effective methods to treat problem gambling
and where to go for help in our community."


"I couldn’t even imagine the state of my family’s finances being contingent upon whether Dragon Tail come in first in the fifth at Aqueduct"


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Tips & Hints

  • Ask someone to help you

    Don't be put off by this. You can do it on your own but the support of others makes it easier, especially if you've got serious problem...
  • Limit your access to cash

    About one in five problem gamblers can give it up fairly easily. Most find that for quite a time they can't stop if they have cash in t...
  • Fill the gap

    Problem gamblers may spend 10-20 hours or more a week gambling. They also spend a lot of time thinking and worrying about their gamblin...
  • Friends can help

    There is no doubt that if you have help from your spouse and close friends you are more likely to succeed. Make an effort to explain yo...
  • Relax and look after yourself

    Giving up when you've spent hours each week gambling can make you feel tense and irritable. This can feel even worse when you still go ...
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