Stress Management - A Natural Approach (Part 9 of 12)

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"(Part 9 of 12) - We live in a very stressed society today. There is stress on the job, with the family, at school, on the road - even vacations cause stress.

In this documentary, you'll learn how to de-stress your body, how to let go of tensions, how to listen to your body. You'll learn how emotions have a physiological basis and how thought influences your health and well-being. You'll also learn how to deal with anger, fear and rejection. And how to get rid of the excess stress that the body can't handle.

Gary Null, author, lecturer, and nationally syndicated radio host, takes you on an authoritative tour of alternative methods of de-stressing your body. You'll meet experts in the fields of chiropractic, therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, re-birthing, core bio-energetics, the Pilates Method, meditation, tai chi, qi gong, qi akido, hatha yoga, hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

In this video you will learn:
-how to identify stress
-how to be more comfortable in your body
-how to move with less effort
-how to be more present
-how to make use of your innate intelligence
-how to deal with unresolved emotions
-how to unblock your vital energy
-how diet influences stress

It's very challenging to live an unstressful life. This video will show you how. You'll gain greater confidence, handle stressful situations better and live a happier life.

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"Don’t keep endlessly looking for a cure to your anxiety, create one by no longer letting it rule what you do and don’t do."


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Tips & Hints

  • Remember: There is no miracle cure

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  • Enjoy nature

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  • The importance of exercise

    Exercise is also one of the best physical stress-reducing techniques available. Exercise not only improves your mental and physical hea...
  • Breathing is the key

    Like all 'well-oiled machines' the human body requires fuel to function and this is supplied to us in two forms: food and air. The lung...
  • What does sitting do to your internal organs and anxiety levels?

    The sitting position compresses the torso and the organs below the diaphragm are pushed upwards towards the chest cavity restricting th...
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