The Truth About "Schizophrenia" & Fixing Chemical Imbalances

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"This video is excerpted from a full length documentary entitled ""The Truth about 'Schizophrenia'"" For more information about this video, visit this link:

Schizophrenia is said to be caused by chemical imbalances that are ""fixed"" by neuroleptic drugs. This is untrue and there is no evidence for such imbalances.

(Note about the speakers: Loren Mosher was the first Chief of Schizophrenia Studies at NIMH and Bob Whitaker is the author of the acclaimed book, ""Mad in America."")

For more information about this topic, see To view another video in which these folks do an intial calculation of the toll of death and destruction caused by standard neuroleptic treatment, see

And here you can find some of the front page New York Times articles reporting on just one of the rapidly increasing number of news reports and legal caaes documenting Big Pharma's incredible corruption:

And while the so-called ""antidepressants"" are probably not as dangerous, there is plenty of evidence that they cause a great deal of harm. See:

For a careful diagnostic analysis of modern society, see Then consider the possibility that some (many?) of those disgnosed with psychosis may simply be people who cannot engage in the mental gymnastics, delusions, and other psychic operations that would enable them to become one of the ""normal insane."""


"I was working on my computer and then I heard someone talking to me. She whispered, "Hey... how's it going tonight?" And she hasn't left since."


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  • Spot the signs of an acute schizophrenic episode

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  • Avoid drugs and alcohol

    While alcohol and drugs may provide short-term relief from your symptoms of schizophrenia, they are likely to make your symptoms worse ...
  • Take your medication

    It is important to take your medication as prescribed, even if you don’t start to feel better immediately. Continuous medication can ...
  • Have regular reviews

    As part of the care program approach, you will be in contact with your healthcare team regularly. A good relationship with the team mea...
  • Self-care

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