Schizophrenia Recovery without Medication—Hearing Voices

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"Here I interview Lloyd Ross, PhD, about his work with a patient (whose identity he has disguised) who had murderous command hallucinations (voices commanding her to do things—in this case, to ""kill""). It is a beautiful vignette that shines a light on what can be possible through intensive psychotherapy with people diagnosed with schizophrenia. Full recovery without medication is possible, and research shows that it actually is quite common.

Dr. Ross is a gifted and courageous psychologist and a leading member of ICSPP (, and I dedicated my most recent music album to him.

That album, in case you're interested, is ""Songs from the Locked Ward""—all songs showing the dangers of psychiatric medication and the horrors of conventional psychiatry. If you wish to hear clips from it (or buy it) feel free to visit my website,"


"Creative people, like those with psychotic illnesses, tend to see the world differently to most. It's like looking at a shattered mirror."


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Tips & Hints

  • Spot the signs of an acute schizophrenic episode

    Learning to recognise the signs that you’re becoming unwell can help you manage your illness. These signs can include losing your app...
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol

    While alcohol and drugs may provide short-term relief from your symptoms of schizophrenia, they are likely to make your symptoms worse ...
  • Take your medication

    It is important to take your medication as prescribed, even if you don’t start to feel better immediately. Continuous medication can ...
  • Have regular reviews

    As part of the care program approach, you will be in contact with your healthcare team regularly. A good relationship with the team mea...
  • Self-care

    Self-care is an integral part of daily life. It means that you take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing with support from ...
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