The Wing Girls : How To Get Over Insecurity DATING advice

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"This week, we talk about insecurities and hang ups. Everybody has them, but here's how you can keep them from ruining your game!

The Wing Girls is a weekly dating advice show for guys. Hosts Jet and Star give their opinions and how-to advice about relationships, sex, kissing, dating, and everything every guy wants to know about girls. New episodes every Wednesday!

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"I'm quiet, which sometimes gets mistaken for shyness. I'm not nervous with people, I just don't say a lot. I have several friends, mostly male who constantly need to be the centre of attention to feed their ego by their own admission, so yes, there is a d"


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Tips & Hints

  • Self Awareness

    Ask yourself what triggers your feeling of insecurity? Whether it is fear of loss, pain, embarrassment or rejection, find out what it i...
  • Laugh

    Laughter is the best medicine for the human condition. When you laugh your mood lightens up and it is said to help improve the immune s...
  • List your fears

    List your fears and conquer them one by one. Feel insecure when you are presenting? Take up a public speaking class. Fear of talking to...
  • Journal

    Write it down! Use a journal to record the successes you have in life. Record the mini successes you have achieved and refer back to it...
  • Set Goals

    Lack of direction in life can lead to insecurity. You’ll wonder what your purpose is in life and lower your self-esteem. By regularly...
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