Heroin Addiction - Dealing With Addiction To Heroin

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"Heroin Addiction - Dealing With Addiction To Heroin

Heroin is an illegal drug made from a substance known as morphine, which is drawn from poppy plants. It is becoming one of the most abused drugs in the world.

Heroin is highly addictive and its effects on the body are manifested very fast. It really gained popularity in the early 90s when many musicians started using it and it was even included in a number of song's lyrics, but its effects were of course not mentioned.

Heroin is ruining lives at a very fast rate with teenagers and young adults being the most affected. It is a becoming a very serious problem in the US and around the world, being one of the most abused of all drugs.

This drug is a bit cheaper compared to numerous other drugs and its effects are stronger and occur very fast. In fact, it is said that users start feeling the effects only a few seconds after taking the drug.

These among others may be the things that have contributed to the popularity of the drug and more so to young people because most of them can afford it with the little they earn or the money they borrow from parents and guardians.

This drug is said to contain the alkaloids; codeine and morphine which are responsible for the action of the drug. Heroin comes in many forms, the most common and pure form being a white fine powder.

It can also be found as black or brown powders but these colors result from the additives that are added to the drug to make it more intoxicating. It can be taken into the body through injections, smoking or snorting, the most popular of them being injection because of the common belief that when taken in this form it is very effective because it gets into the bloodstream immediately.

Some people also believe that injection leads to addiction more than the other two forms. However, in whichever form it is taken, addiction will occur after continued use for a time.

Its intake which leads to addiction has very severe effects on the body of the user and also to the other people in their life and therefore the drug should be avoided at all costs.

Signs of addiction to heroin are divided into two; the physical signs on the user's body and the behavioral signs.

The common physical symptoms include the following.

- The color of the skin, the lips and nails turns bluish
- Difficulty breathing
- The pupils become very small with a lost appearance in the eyes.
- The individual becomes rather lazy, even in the case of someone who was very active.
- They also often look dirty and unkept.
- Frequent vomiting and nausea
- Weight loss.
- Runny nose and eyes and the person is always craving for the drug, even in the case when only a few minutes have elapsed from the time of the last intake.
- The hands are often cold and sweaty and the eyes are often red.

Common behavioral signs of heroin addition include the following:

- Withdrawal from people and an affinity for solitude.
- A person with a heroin addiction will often not want to be close to people and will withdraw even from friends they used to associate with.
- They are always broke, even people who had money, and they will start borrowing from friends to buy more of the drug and satisfy their craving.
- Their behavior drastically changes and they start showing some very strange behaviors.
- Their memory is also affected. They may experience short term memory loss, forgetting something you just spoke of a few minutes previously.
- A common symptom among people at the workplace or in school is lack of concentration in whatever things they are doing or in what is going on around them.

Addiction to heroin is very dangerous and anyone suffering a heroin addiction must be provided with proper treatment. The start of treatment is detoxification of the body from the accumulated toxins. Detox is very effective but requires corporation from both parties.

How it is done will depend on the level of addiction and the level of damage it has caused to the user. When the level of addiction is not very high, the user will be required to quit usage of the drug immediately and medication will often be provided to deal with the withdrawal.

For people who are highly addicted, they are weaned off, with the assistance of a professional, and will be given a medication to help with this, as the symptoms can be severe.

Once the drug is out of their system, they are no longer experiencing withdrawal symptoms, then they can start a treatment program, and deal with the other aspects of addiction, for a successful recovery."


"Heroin is evil and will bring you down. There is no future for the heroin user. Well done for kicking it."


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