The Alcoholic - Addiction To Alcohol

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"The Alcoholic - Alcohol has severe effects in the human mind. Many times when dealing with alcoholics, we just want them to behave normal, like non-alcoholics, yet that literally can't be the case.

It is very important to understand how the mind of an alcoholic works so that we can help them, more so when we are living with them and we want to see behavioral change in them.

It is good to note that understanding their mind will not help them quit drinking but will help us understand them as we live with them. It is quite hard to understand how the mind of an alcoholic works with some people claiming that not even the alcoholics can understand their minds fully.

However, as much as we admit it is hard to understand them, we have to look for ways to give us a little understanding of them because they are human beings who need our help, some of them being our relatives and friends and the path towards living well with them will start by understanding their way of thinking.

Here are a few tips that can shed some light on understanding how an alcoholic thinks:

The mind of an alcoholic will convince them to tell you what they think you want to hear. This can be funny at times because it does not necessarily mean that it is what you want to hear.

Many are the times we get angry with our alcoholic friends or relatives because they say things that make us hurt and we tend to think they are malicious. This catches them by surprise because they actually thought we were going to be pleased but on the contrary, we turn out to be furious and angry towards them.

Understanding this will help us handle them well and control our anger towards them, even when they say some things that are not so good to us.

Another thing with alcoholics is that they will hardly tell you the truth on how much they drank no matter how hard you try to push them. This however depends on the relationship between you and the alcoholic.

They will tell you they have had only a few drinks when they are totally drunk. To worsen the matter, they can tell you that at the moment and after a few minutes, they may say something different.

The truth is that they hardly keep a track of how much they've had to drink and therefore in most cases, they do not actually know and are giving you a number to stop you from bothering them.

Avoid wasting time and energy pushing them to tell how much of the drink they have had because you will not get an answer to this.

Often, an active alcoholic will tell you that they are going to check on a friend and will be back in a few hours only for them to show up at midnight or the following day.

This does not mean that they lied to you and were looking for a route to escape. Many times, they had a very clear mind as they were telling you that and had no intention of staying up that late or going to the bar, but they simply could not resist the temptation of drinking when they pass before an open bar and even as they got to the bar, they never intended to drink for the entire night.

Their mind will tell them they are just going in to take a few drinks and go home but they could not control the drinking. It is ideal if you can do your best to understand them when living with them and do not accuse them of lying to you, and learn from others with experience the best ways of dealing with such a situation.

There are some things about alcoholics that we will never understand. You will never understand why they do the many sorts of things that they do when drunk.

A program that teaches understanding alcoholics will teach that alcohol is powerful, cunning and baffling. This baffling part of the alcohol will explain why you cannot fully understand the thoughts of a person under its influence.

In trying to understand how an alcoholic thinks, understanding how you think is very important.

There are many alcoholic support groups meetings organized for friends and relatives of the alcoholics. Attending these meetings will help in understanding yourself and knowing facts that you have always cringed at concerning alcoholics, some of which are not even true.

For instance, there are people who claim that an alcoholic cannot change no matter what you do for them, and therefore they should be left alone. This of course is not true

When we understand how we think, then this will be the first step towards changing what we think about alcoholics and in turn we can be help to them in their path to recover"


"There is no law stating that alcohol is a necessary ingredient for holiday cheer"

Drew Edwards

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