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New Jersey Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Park Bench Group.

Park Bench is different than other addiction facilities. We pride ourselves in being personal, insightful, private, and on the cutting-edge of the newest therapies and treatments. There is a difference to our structure, our methods, and how we care about the client. Park Bench teaches how to truly live a clean and sober life once and for all. Every client leaves Park Bench with a different perspective on life.

One-on-one consultations and a variety of intensive groups allow therapists to address specific issues. We educate our clients utilizing the most up-to-date substance abuse knowledge and focus on the faulty thought processes that often lead to relapse after relapse. Park Bench adheres to the principles of the 12 steps.

And although our practice is designed to be a supportive environment, the focus of our therapy is to implement, and aid in, change. Our group therapy allows therapists to view clients and their difficulties in the greater society. Feedback from others in the group provides clients with multiple options for change and empowering ideas for living clean and sober.

We also encourage family participation within the group process. And whether the family is intact, struggling, or no longer functional, Park Bench will cater to each client's specific needs.

Therapy groups for the family members address addiction as a disease of the entire family. The group will lead loved ones and significant others in their own journey towards recovery. Individual therapy with accredited psychotherapists enhances Park Bench's recovery process.

As one of the leading east coast alcohol rehab centers, we incorporate counseling for various other intimate and personal difficulties. We also are proud to launch the Park Bench Group Foundation to assist in the recovery journey. See website below for details! We can help... once and for all. Talk with someone who gets it: | 1-855-411-4832


"I wanted to fit in and feel better about myself. The fact that I gave in to peer pressure is no surprise."


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Tips & Hints

  • Ask for support

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  • Keep track of the alcohol units you’re drinking

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  • Avoid visiting bars and clubs with bars

    Instead resort to amusement such as recreational areas, movies, sports events and family events where alcohol isn’t present. That inc...
  • Develop an alcohol-free daily routine

    Wake up earlier, include some exercise into the daily schedule, the potential is endless. Keep in mind that to stop drinking is to make...
  • Spend as little time alone as possible

    For single people this can be a tall order. If you can’t surround yourself with people, get out more and help yourself to generate a ...
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