The Watershed: Professionals in Addiction Treatment

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As a leader in the addiction treatment field, one of the unique aspects of The Watershed is our medical, nursing, and paramedic staff.

These seasoned professionals make all of the difference in ensuring you or your loved one receive(s) an excellent treatment experience.

The Watershed is an industry pioneer providing intensive medically monitored inpatient rehabilitation in the state of Florida. We were the first addiction treatment center to be licensed to provide this level of care.

Many individuals have other medical issues that accompany their addiction. Issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease are common.

Most addiction treatment providers will refer patients with medical problems back to their home physicians or general hospital, thereby delaying treatment for their addiction.

At The Watershed, we are able to treat many of these underlying physical maladies while a patient is in treatment at our facility.

Our 24 hour a day registered nurses and paramedics work directly with our patients and doctors to ensure the best possible care around the clock. We want your detox to be as safe and comfortable as possible.

In addition to general medical problems, some people suffer from co-occurring mental illness that has to be treated along with their drug and alcohol abuse.

If these mental disorders are not addressed during the treatment process, then patients are more likely to relapse.

The Watershed has full time, board certified psychiatrists on staff and available 24 hours a day to address these psychiatric issues so that recovery is possible.

We believe in treating the whole person, which is so much more than just the mental and physical aspects of addiction.

Recovery is a reality for everyone!"


"Real love is telling your child he cannot live in your home as he continue to use drugs"


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