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JUST TO BE CLEAR!!! This video is in no way addressing people who share their experiences and tips with others!

This is solely about people who sell ""programs"" or ""get well services"" online and have been telling many of my followers that if they do not pay them a certain amount of money that they just don't want recovery bad enough! Those are the types of people I am speaking about. Please keep sharing your videos and experiences!!! I love how many of you are so helpful and supportive to one another! xoxo

This week I wanted to put out an extra video and alert you all to something that I have been seeing more and more. That is people who are online and preying on people and pushing them to purchase a product. Now I am not talking about buying clothes or shoes online or anything like that. I am talking about people who are creating videos and information about eating disorders or other mental health issues and asking us to buy their services. These people are usually not licensed, not certified and have no real training in the mental health field. But they are still telling people that unless they give them 1,000 dollars or more to get their program and get recovered that they just don't want it bad enough! This kind of practice is ridiculous and very scary. We would not have someone who was not trained and licensed preform surgery on us, so why would we let someone help us with our mental health and brain? We need to be careful, protect ourselves and protect our recovery. You do not have to pay anything to achieve recovery! Especially not to someone who is not properly trained or licensed!

So be careful, and let everyone know if there are people like that out there so that we can all be better informed as we work together towards a Healthy Mind and a Healthy Body!!


Hi, everyone. Thanks for checking back. Today's video is something that I just want to warn you about and I want to talk about a little bit because it's something that I got on Tumblr or Twitter. I've received some messages and questions like ""Hey Kati, have you heard about this person or that person and the things that are online because it's easy to put things online nowadays, right? And I know that there are a lot of other people out there posting videos of helpful tips and hints and I think that's great and I love that but what I want to talk about today are people who are selling things online.
I'm not talking about like ""Ooh, the new shoes online. Ooh"", no. Not that. I'm talking about mental health people and even weight loss people and just other veins of selling different industries that kind of prey on the eating disorder world and the way that I kind of, I don't know, I guess your questions as well as my website have, kind of, let me, alerted me to this happening and what happened is, just for instance, when I took of my captcha. I know many of you've said ""Kati, your captcha! It doesn't like me. It won't let me in. It kicks me out every time."" And so I take it off or tried to switch it or but in those times when I remove it for a short period of time, I get like 36 or so spam posts. What are these posts? 'Diet pills: the newest way to lose weight.' 'How to look the best in your bathing suit', I mean it's like my worst nightmare. Why would they think someone trying to break through the sigma of an eating disorder would want... wait, what?... See complete transcript at Youtube:

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