What Causes Bipolar Disorder?

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"In this video I discuss the current overarching research about the etiology of bipolar disorder and the precipitants of episodes. In future videos I will cover other hypotheses & details on this matter which show up in the most current research (like 2012 & 2013 exclusively).


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"I understand about being scared to take tablets - when they first gave them to me i was very nervous about taking them."


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Tips & Hints

  • Establish healthy routines

    Doing exercise and establishing healthy routines can help you to relieve stress and level your moods. Try to sleep seven or eight hours...
  • Avoid alcohol and stimulants

    Drinking alcohol can neutralize the beneficial effects of the medication you have been prescribed. Alcohol can also cause liver damage,...
  • Be careful with the medication

    People who suffer from bipolar disorders have to avoid taking medications that the doctor has not prescribed. Let your psychiatrist, nu...
  • Keep appointments with your therapist and psychiatrist

    If you miss appointments, you tend to lose touch and can start to unwind. It is a good idea for your support team to know what is going...
  • Master your triggers

    This is extremely important. When you learn to identify your triggers you are able to manage your mood cycles when they begin, instead ...
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