USC Law Professor Elyn Saks on High Functioning Schizophrenics

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"Imagine being told that because you have mental illness, you should drop out Yale Law school and spend your life in institutions or perhaps, at best, doing menial labor. Then imagine going on to becoming a law professor, writing a best-selling book, and winning a McArthur Fellows ""Genuis Grant"". That's exactly what happened to Elyn Saks, who was first hospitalized with schizophrenia at 21. Elyn had a hunch she wasn't the only high achiever coping with schizophrenia, and she set out to find other people like herself.

In this interview with Liz Habib August 23, 2012, on Studio 11L.A. Elyn talks about her study into high functioning schizophrenics, and her own journey. Elyn is author of ""The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness"""


"You may learn something about yourself as you learn about a family member's mental disorder."


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Tips & Hints

  • Spot the signs of an acute schizophrenic episode

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  • Avoid drugs and alcohol

    While alcohol and drugs may provide short-term relief from your symptoms of schizophrenia, they are likely to make your symptoms worse ...
  • Take your medication

    It is important to take your medication as prescribed, even if you don’t start to feel better immediately. Continuous medication can ...
  • Have regular reviews

    As part of the care program approach, you will be in contact with your healthcare team regularly. A good relationship with the team mea...
  • Self-care

    Self-care is an integral part of daily life. It means that you take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing with support from ...
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