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"how to stop anxiety attacks naturally - anxiety attack help
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Panic and anxiety attack victims usually explain there experience of an attack like this, they say it is like having a 1000 volt electricity current put threw there body, once the switch has been flicked they never know how severe it is going to be, or how long it is going to stay. This in its self creates major problems they are always anticipating another intrusion. I want to reassure you this, you can take back control, and I am going to show you how to turn off that switch.

Anyone that is a victim to panic and anxiety attack is usually on high alert all day, wondering when the next invasion will take place, they constantly feel anxious. Did you know we actually create panic way before it is ever going enter our minds? Panic attacks do not lurk in the back ground waiting to pounce. You my friend invite it.

Lets get inside the mind of someone who creates a panic and anxiety attack episode, this example is created way before the attack had any intentions of showing up.

Example, your in a line at the supermarket.

The little voice inside your head is saying.

Oh god what if I have a panic attack? Oh no, no, please please not here. What if I pass out? I do not know anyone, oh no, I am getting scared. What should I do? Calm down, calm down, oh its not working, what should I do? There starring at me, where is the door? I could just leave the trolley here and bolt out the door. No, I can not do this, get a grip get a grip, breath breath, oh no, oh no, I can not control this I have to get out of here.

If the above example is no hard enough to content with, usually the symptoms that follow immediately after, that is if you do not get help, you can expect to adopt other problems such as mental disorders. It is like being on a terrible emotional roller coaster ride, this nearly pushes you over the edge. Usually there is physical drain on your body, then these symptoms listed below.

Eating Disorders.
The list goes on.

Well was the example of the voice inside your head pretty accurate? I bet you think that was the closest description of having a panic and anxiety attack with out actually having one? The only reason I could describe it the way I have is because I have experienced them myself. Yes I was a victim. No I am not any more.

Firstly lets point out the obvious, you invited the attack in, you created the whole episode piece by piece what was going to happen. You planed your escape before you needed to exit, and you did tell the attack, might I add, in your own words, I can not control this.

Try this for little exercises below this will help you deal with attacks.

Every morning I want you to plan your day and include your new friend panic and anxiety attack.
You will allow it to disrupt your morning, when someone or something is invited, you really have no reason it fear it.
Getting the picture here?
Ok now you will prepare your self for the usual threats it gives you.

Tight chest.
Rapid heart beat.
Sweaty palms.
Dry mouth.
Knots in your stomach. and any other surprises it will throw at you.
I bet 99% of the time you will not be unable to bring on an attack by inviting it. But if it does turn up, let it go through the motions, give it a time frame to threaten you then send it on its way.

It will not harm you physically. By doing this you take the power from the panic and anxiety attack, you control the length of time it stays, and also the difference now is this, your not trying to stop an attack, you are just reacting differently to its threats.


"Sometimes, anxiety is like quicksand, the harder we struggle to escape, the deeper we sink."

Rose Mary

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