Taking legal drugs: what's the law?

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2175 days ago

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Mephedrone is now illegal in the UK, but there are other new drugs that imitate the effects of the illegal ones. It is easy to buy these drugs on the Internet and in some shops. But are these new synthetic drugs safe? What are the risks of taking them?


"You may think it’s harmless, but how do you think all drug addictions start? Do you think I wanted to be addicted?"


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Tips & Hints

  • Decide to make a change

    For many people struggling with addiction, the biggest and toughest step toward recovery is deciding to make a change. It’s normal to...
  • Reach out for support

    Don’t try to go it alone. Whatever treatment approach you choose, having a solid support system is essential. The more positive influ...
  • Keep triggers and cravings in check

    While getting sober from drugs is an important first step, it’s only the beginning of the recovery process. Once sober, the brain nee...
  • Learn healthy ways to cope with problems

    Even once you’ve recovered from drug addiction, you’ll still have to face the issues that led to your drug problems in the first pl...
  • Don’t let relapse keep you down

    Relapse is a common part of the recovery process from drug addiction. While relapse is understandably frustrating and discouraging, it ...
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