• Mephedrone addiction treatment

    Mephedrone addiction treatment.pdf   Mephedrone addiction is a growing problem associated with chronic use of the drug mephedrone. Not to be confused with the heroin substitute, methadone, mephedrone (also known as 4-methylmethcathinone, 4-MMC, “MCAT”, “bubbles”, “meow meow” or “miaow miaow” More >>
  • What is Mephedrone

    What is Mephedrone.pdf   Mephedrone, also called 4-methylmethcathinone (4-MMC), or 4-methylephedrone is a synthetic stimulant. A stimulant is a psychoactive drug which induces temporary improvements in mental and/or physical function. Mephedrone is an entactogen drug - a class of More >>
  • Effects of Mephedrone

    Effects of Mephedrone.pdf   Effects of Mephedrone More >>
  • Risks of Taking Mephedrone

    Risks of taking mephedrone.pdf   Taking mephedrone does involve risks – and the dangers and long-term effects are becoming clearer as more reports emerge. Here’s what we know: • Users have reported blue or cold fingers – this is probably because mephedrone affects the heart and the circ More >>
  • Side Effects and Long-Term Dangers of Mephedrone

    Side Effects and Long-Term Dangers.pdf   A recent survey for the dance magazine Mixmag found that 67% of mephedrone users reported excess sweating; 51% headaches; 43% heart palpitations; 27% nausea; and 15% cold or blue fingers. Most of those side effects are common with other stimulants like More >>
  • Addiction

    Mephedrone addiction.pdf   Until recently, it was legal to buy and sell mephedrone, which was marketed as a plant fertiliser, even though it has no use as such. The only condition was that the mephedrone sold should not be intended for human consumption. Many people have started ab More >>
  • Treatment For Mephedrone Addiction

    Treatment for mephedrone addiction.pdf   As a relatively new drug, not much is known about the dangers of sudden withdrawal from meow meow. However, as with most drugs, detox from mephedrone is best carried out in a medically monitored environment. A period of rehabilitative care is recommended More >>
  • Prevalence & Patterns Of Use

    Prevalence & Patterns of Use.pdf   In the UK data from UK-origin Google searches and visits to the Government’s ‘Frank’ website suggest the drug to have become widely available in the autumn of 2009, this is confirmed via user interviews. Several commentators have attributed the dramatic r More >>
  • What does the user feel

    What does the user feel.pdf   Mephedrone effects are often compared to those of MDMA, MBDB, bk-MDMA (methylone), cocaine, metamphetamine and other stimulants. It causes no hallucinogenic effects, being most popular for its euphoric effects, as well as with reports about compulsive des More >>
  • Adverse effects of Mephedrone

    Adverse effects of Mephedrone.pdf   Adverse effects reported by users include sweating, headaches, tachycardia, palpitations, nausea, chest pain, bruxism (teeth grinding), agitation/aggression and paranoia. In addition, nasal insufflation of mephedrone is reported to be associated with sign More >>