Mephedrone Harm reduction



Mephedrone Harm reduction –

  • Limit dose?start with a small amount and leave at least 1 hour before re?dosing
  • Control quantities you take in one session (users advise to limit to no more than ½ gram in 24 hours)
  • Avoid mixing with other drugs/alcohol
  • If you're determined to mix, use low doses of mephedrone and the substance you intend to mix with
  • Ingest within a capsule/cigarette paper
  • If snorting, clean out nose after use and use straw?don't share with anyone else!
  • Ensure you replace fluids lost by dancing but be careful with water consumption?small sips
  • Take regular breaks when dancing so as not to dehydrate
  • Try not to use alone and tell your friends what you are taking
  • If you are on anti depressant medication especially MAOI's, and certain SSRI'S it is advised to avoid mephedrone due to possibility of increased risk of serotonin syndrome.
  • If you have any history of heart, circulatory or blood pressure problems, it is advised you avoid mephedrone.


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"I got cold in places, but felt hot and sweaty in other parts… and my heart was beating but not regular."


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