Dealing with Insecurity as a Teenager



Dealing with Insecurity as a Teenager


Many teenagers struggle with self-image issues, especially at school or anywhere outside of home. Peer pressure enforces teenage insecurities on many levels. An insecurity is a feeling of uneasiness or agitation that is triggered by a negative mindset of unworthiness or inadequacy. Students should overlook their minor flaws and attain a more positive attitude about themselves by implementing good personal habits.

Body Image

First, the physical aspects of growing bodies can bring insecurities to teens. There are numerous things to complain about: weight, height, hair color, etc. Many guys and girls just want to be deemed “normal.” It is easy to say that girls have more to worry about: standards to look pretty, own the cutest clothes, stay skinny and so on. However, guys are more sensitive than they often let on. Guys tend to hide their emotions, insult each other, impress friends and buy the latest gadgets to prove their worth. If these ideals are not met, teens are left feeling abandoned and rejected.


There are plenty of other pressures acting to make students feel insecure outside of physical appearance. Teenagers have to constantly compete against each other for places at good colleges and universities and to receive recognition for their hard work. However, one setback can be a disaster, as it can remove the confidence to try again and improve themselves. Sometimes, this academic competition can have negative long term effects. Kids sleep less, and in times of crisis, may even cheat in order to get ahead.

Harmful behaviours

Insecurities may also provoke harmful behaviour like drug and alcohol abuse, or self harm and suicide attempts. These are propagated by a cycle of negative thoughts. If an outside party then reinforces that mentality, the feelings begin to percolate through the person’s psyche and cause them to take irrational action. The average ages of marijuana and alcohol use for schoolkids in the States is 14 and 12 respectively, and it is estimated that for every successful suicide, there are another 25 attempts which are more of a cry for help than anything else. However, the knowledge that they were driven to such behaviours is a scar they will bear for the rest of their lives.

It’ll all be OK

Insecurities can ultimately lead to broken relationships, anger management issues, drug and alcohol use and abuse, isolation and mental health issues. Instead of allowing themselves to be kept down by these things, people should constantly remind themselves that they are who they are, and that’s fine. Leave encouraging notes. Avoid other sources of negativity. Differences will wash away if people can learn to recognise their own individuality.

Everybody has insecurities, and it is how we deal with them that defines us as people. In school, students should embrace both their outer façade and inner person. Once they can accept themselves, people will avoid insecurities and exploitation, and implement a positive outlook for the future.


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"There are times when our insecurities can prevent us from taking on new challenges and limits our potential for personal growth"


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