Media Volunteer - How I'm breaking the male stigma



Media Volunteer - How I'm breaking the male stigma

by Simon

Looking out of my window I can see the world famous King’s College chapel and it has made me realise how far I have come since conquering anorexia. I am now a medical student studying at the University of Cambridge and intend to become a surgeon. Speaking to many people who have/had an eating disorder I can see that the course of an eating disorder is greatly dependent upon whether you are male or female. From my own personal experience I remember feeling as though I could not talk to others when I had an eating disorder because of the stigma that comes with being a male with anorexia. With hindsight, I now understand that this stigma is utterly meaningless because a truly strong individual has the drive to step out and seek the help they need.

My New Years resolution this year was to set up a video blog on YouTube to give advice to people suffering with eating disorders, as well as to people who have friends/family with an eating disorder. I did this with the idea in mind that if I could help just one person the time I spent making the videos would be worth it. However, the response I got vastly exceeded my expectations and I am preparing for my 17th video! I was quite apprehensive when I first started to promote these videos via social media, because I knew that my university friends would find out about my past. However, as is the case for trying to seek help whilst suffering with an eating disorder, the first step is always the hardest. Once you get over it, you will realise that there is so much help out there that you may have thought never to exist.

When I found that charities such as Beat were doing such incredible work to help people with eating disorders I wanted to be a part of it. This is why I signed up to be a Beat media volunteer and I have found it to be a very rewarding experience. Together with my YouTube videos and various television/radio appearances, this year has been one to remember. I shall continue to make videos so long as questions come in and my work with Beat will continue to provide me with opportunities to help others. It is my wish that the veil of anonymity that surrounds eating disorders in today’s culture will be lifted so that people can seek help and move forwards to a happier life.


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"Only two people know about my eating disorder: my mom and one of my best friends. They are very understanding, but I don't think they fully understand what I'm going through. Sometimes they try to make me eat, which always results in a round of yelling an"


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