Drugs aren't compulsory




Drugs aren't compulsory

The law aside, it's a highly personal decision whether or not to take drugs. Avoid the peer pressure and media hype and make your own mind up.



Know the facts

Street drugs don't come with an instruction manual, one that's been officially sanctioned by the manufacturers. Instead, there's often a question mark over what's in it, what it could do to you, plus a whole load of myths you might've picked up in the past.

Whatever your viewpoint about drugs, it's always worth taking time to find a source of information that's accurate, balanced and which doesn't force an agenda upon you.

The more you know about drugs, from the effects to the risks and the law involved, the easier it is to make informed decisions, and that includes deciding that perhaps drugs aren't for you.

Know yourself

In life, it's important to know what makes you tick, and to be relaxed about the kind of person you are. Otherwise, when it comes to drugs, you run the risk of getting involved because you feel it's expected of you, or that somehow you'd be missing out if you passed on the chance.

Turn to any substance that changes the way other people perceive you (i.e. to appear more confident/less twitchy/cooler) and you could wind up forming a destructive relationship with drugs.

Many people use drugs because they feel it helps them have a good time. If you're ever in this situation, however, ask if you could still enjoy yourself without any kind of recreational refreshment. Drugs won't guarantee a good night out, for example, and it's good to bear in mind all the things you could forgo by getting off your face, from a decent conversation to a satisfying shag.

Test yourself

If you do use drugs on a regular basis, why not try going without just once and see how you handle it. Even boozing and smoking apply here, and if you find it tough going then perhaps it's time to ask if you're really in control of your life.


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