Dating Without Alcohol



Dating Without Alcohol

By Harold Cohen, PhD


If you’re single and dating, you may find yourself spending a lot of time in restaurants or bars where alcohol is available. Drinking on dates can quickly become a habit, but the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism warns that even moderate alcohol consumption, under certain circumstances, can have serious consequences. Instead of automatically incorporating alcohol into your social life, become more sensitive to this issue by choosing to keep your dates alcohol-free.

Dining without wining

If you’re taking your date out for a meal, order exotic non-alcoholic drinks with dinner. You also might want to consider cooking at home, planning a picnic or meeting for lunch. Inviting your date out for coffee and dessert is another alcohol-free option.

Get moving

Ask your date to join you in a physical activity that you enjoy or have always wanted to try. An afternoon of horseback riding, hiking or swimming could be an exciting alternative to the typical “dinner-and-a-movie.” If your date has an adventurous streak, sign up for an introductory rock-climbing class or plan a day of white-water rafting.

Be a tourist in your hometown

Have you always wanted to drop by the local art museum, stop by that city memorial or investigate a historical site that’s practically in your backyard? Plan to become a “tourist” for an afternoon, and take a date to local points of interest. Your town’s historical society, public library or Chamber of Commerce can provide ideas.

Become a kid again

When was the last time you played miniature golf? Drove a bumper car? Tested your skills in a video arcade? You and your date might still enjoy some of these alcohol-free activities you loved as a kid.

Volunteer together

Find out if a local organization needs help for an afternoon or evening, and ask a date to join you for a few hours of volunteering. This could be a great way to get to know each other while helping a worthy cause!


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"I know we’ve got problems, but it’s hard to cut back because all of our friends drink."


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