How To Quit Cocaine


Because of the euphoria created by cocaine, it is a difficult drug to quit. Typically, cocaine addicts are experiencing detrimental health effects, ruined finances and broken relationships before they begin to look for ways to learn how to quit cocaine. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that a complete lifestyle change is required in order to quit and stay off the drug.


Step 1

Get admitted into a treatment centre that specializes in treating cocaine addiction. A centre that offers a medical detox that provides addicts with medication to help relieve the initial withdrawal symptoms.

Step 2

Enrol in counselling sessions to continue with your treatment. Use one-on-one counselling sessions to help you understand the issues that drove you to cocaine use in the first place and how to reverse unhealthy thinking patterns. Consider family counselling to help repair the broken relationships that are a consequence of your drug use.

Step 3

Attend a 12-step recovery program such as Narcotics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous to build a support system of other addicts who go through similar cravings. Learn how to live without drugs through the examples of others who are doing it. Attend meetings on a regular basis and become involved in the service and social activities offered by the groups.

Step 4

Plan your days so that you have little idle time on your hands. Fill up your calendar with work, social engagements that do not revolve around drugs or alcohol, home projects and classes. Invest in a daily planner and write down all activities including exercise and counselling sessions. Make a list of accomplishments you hope to achieve and check them off when finished.

Tips and Warnings

Take the test in the Narcotics Anonymous pamphlet called "Am I an Addict?" to see whether you have a problem if you are unsure. Continue to use the literature to help you stay clean when you are not in meetings or counselling sessions.

Refrain from using any other mind or mood altering substances, including alcohol. Most cocaine addicts are subject to becoming addicted to other drugs. Getting high on other drugs also lowers the resistance to cravings for cocaine. Many who try to substitute one drug for another end up returning to their original drug of choice.

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"Find out why you use, find out your triggers, and take it day by day. Any day clean is better than any day you’ve been high."


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