Benefits of Stopping an Addiction


No longer depending on drugs or alcohol can seem scary and that is why it's good to motivate yourself by remembering what will open up at that point. By meditating and reflecting on a few of these points each day a fire can start to burn within you which will help you through those times of cravings.

First of all, think about how the guilt, lies and furtiveness will end. In order to keep the habit going it becomes a way of life to make things up to others, figure out how to get away from family events and sneak around to satisfy the addiction..

Another way to improve motivation is to think about how proud people will be of you. Your parents, kids and friends will see the difference. Their worries and concerns will be relieved. Change needs to be for oneself, but it can still be a motivator to think about those you affect and how their lives too will improve with your resolve.

What are some dreams you have that you wish to pursue? You can make some small goals such as a 6 week community class in photography or doing some writing. Reading biographies and viewing short clips on the net of others who have overcome adverse conditions can be very inspiring. You can find videos on the net of people with both physical handicaps and emotional trauma in their lives being able too create new lives and stop the past habits. There is no reason why you can't be next.

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"Coming off physically addictive drugs (withdrawing) can be very unpleasant. Basically your body has to get used to going without, and may react badly for the first few days."

John Barnes

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