Meth Myths vs Truth


Crystal Meth makes me more sexy

Crystal Meth does not make you sexier or more attractive. It is not a beauty powder. Over time, crystal will make you look emaciated and sickly from malnutrition and lack of rest, and your body will stink from the chemicals. The only person who might find that sexy is another tweaker... but don't count on it.  Crystal may make you more sexual, but not necessarily in a positive or healthy way.

A little Tina now and then won't hurt

A little crystal meth is all the brain needs to start adversely imprinting its reward center. Even small amounts of crystal will set up the necessary conditions for addiction.

Once that happens, "now and then" usually becomes "only on the weekends", which then bleeds over into the week. By the time you start coming up with justifications for using it more frequently, your 'now and then' habit will already be a full-blown drug addiction.

I'm stronger than any drug / I know how to manage it / There's no way I can get addicted / It doesn't affect me like it affects others / I don't have an addictive personality.

Most users think that they are able to resist addiction. When they decide to quit, most everyone finds it's too late. They are already hooked. Quitting meth isn't like quitting dairy products or red meat. It is a long, hard process that requires extreme dedication and willpower to achieve.

Quitting meth can take many years of struggle, and the user may have a number of relapses when psychological triggers to do meth are tripped.

There is no such thing as a "non-addictive personality" where crystal is concerned. Crystal actually changes the brain's physical structure and chemistry, thereby creating its own dependence.

I am a sex god on crystal

Nah, you just think you are. Because if you can't get it up or get off, then you're just a limp-dicked drug addict. And that's nobody's definition of a sex god.

Even if you can get hard and ejaculate while on crystal, quantity is not a substitute for quality. And tweakers tend toward quantity with little regard to quality. Crystal tends to make its user self-absorbed and narcissistic. It is therefore easy to understand why so many tweakers see themselves as sex gods while others see them as something much less impressive.

Using crystal makes me more popular

Yes, to other drug addicts. To non-tweakers you're more annoying than anything else.

All my friends are using it

If all of your friends are using it, they will all probably get AIDS. If you want to get AIDS too, go ahead! Join 'em. Otherwise be strong and try to get your friends off of the shit.

If there's one good way to learn about the 'joys' of crystal addiction, it's by trying to help a friend kick the habit.

Crystal makes me feel great when I do it

Crystal artificially charges the brain with dopamine, a naturally occurring brain chemical that makes us feel good, but burns out the nerve receptors that convert dopamine into pleasurable feelings. When these receptors burn out, the body's natural dopamine level becomes insufficient and the user begins to feel depressed when not tweaking. Only another hit of crystal can temporarily boost the dopamine levels to where the brain can respond to them.

The more you use crystal, the less sensitive your nerve receptors will become. This helps create the dependence on meth, and makes it extremely difficult to quit. Once the super dopamine supply is cut off, the user will find it hard to achieve joy or pleasure doing routine things. This condition can take a long time to overcome, however extensive damage to the receptors may result in permanent depression.

Crystal is a great drug for weight loss

There are much healthier weight loss plans and products. If you want to lose weight, please consult a physician trained in the area of weight loss.

On the crystal diet, you stand to lose a LOT more than just weight.

Crystal lets me be more creative and I am capable of very deep thoughts. I am better at problem solving in my life while I'm tweaking. I come up with amazingly intelligent things to say when I tweak.

Crystal can't unlock brainpower you don't already have.

The lie of crystal is how it makes users think they are sharper, deeper, and clearer in thought when in reality they are more fragmented and less focused. A lot of what sounds like intelligent discourse on the surface is just a series of disjointed, haphazard thoughts bound together by bullshit. Also, intelligent people do not talk in endless circles. Pseudo-intelligent people on crystal do, however.

If crystal helps one solve life's problems, then how is it crystal users can't solve the problem of getting un-addicted from it?


Hint: Writing in all caps does not make you seem more intelligent, nor does it lend any more credibility to the bullshit you want people to buy.

Tweaking lets me be uninhibited sexually. I can perform sexual acts I wouldn't let myself do while sober

While tweaking, you are more apt to do things your better judgment would warn you against while sober. This is why almost every habitual user of crystal ends up becoming HIV+Positive and/or acquiring AIDS.

Sometimes limits are a good thing. Your sober self sets up limits that protect you from pain and physical harm. Crystal removes those barriers and opens the door to physical damage, brain damage, addiction, violence, and disease.

Crystal gives me energy and stamina I don't normally have

Crystal gives you the illusion of stamina, energy,and endurance. But there is nothing in crystal that supplements your normal energy reserves. It has no nutritional value. It curbs your appetite to the point of starving yourself. All crystal does is burn up your reserve energy until you have to crash from exhaustion. Your mind may not be tired, but your body is physically depleted.

The energy you believe you gain from using crystal is already within you. And, if you weren't tweaking, you would actually have MORE energy because you would be fuelling yourself properly by eating meals, resting, and recharging without burning up your calorie intake like dry brush.

My friends who use it say they can take it or leave it

Crystal makes you feel powerful, even invincible. It permits you to think you are capable of accomplishing whatever you set out to do, including quitting meth. But crystal lulls you into the lie of great willpower. And it self-supports this illusion by making it easy for you to come up with justifications and excuses, and then by allowing you to convince yourself of them.

Think about this: For all those who have said they could take it or leave it, how many have you actually seen leave it?

I can quit at any time

OK then... Prove it! Stop saying you can and just do it. You already know it's both illegal and seriously bad for you. What's keeping you from quitting?

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"Regardless of how it is looked at, crystal meth addiction is a serious problem, and needs to be treated right away."


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