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How does stress cause acne?
Check out the video to learn the skincare science!
For those who learn better through reading, here's a small overview!
""Stress"" creates hormones in our bodies, which can be good or bad to help up is different situations.
When we are stressed, stress signals go through our brain and activate areas in our brain such as the ""hypothalamus"" and the ""pituitary gland"".
When these areas of the brain get this signal, they create hormones, in particular with a big fancy science names called ""corticotropin releasing hormone"" & ""adrenocorticotropin releasing hormone"". The ADRENO-corticotropin releasing hormone is the hormone signal that is sent throughout the body, and stimulates Adrenal Glands, which are little glands that sit on top of your kidney.
When these adrenal glands are stimulated, they produce the ""stress hormone"", Cortisol.
Although this can be very helpful, and is required for life, but an excess or Cortisol can cause extra stress and inflammation in your body.
We know that acne is caused in part by inflammation, and this constant cortisol release, or cortisol spikes can trigger extra inflammation, and promote extra, more severe breakouts.
Cortisol, and stress can also decrease immunity, meaning you get sick easier. If your body is having a harder time fighting off sickness, infections or bacteria, that also means its probably having a harder time fighting off bacteria in your skin!!
When bacteria manifests in your skin, this also causes acne. (Specifically the P-acnes bacteria)
Some studies have also shown Cortisol can increase oil production in skin, which means more space and opportunity for bacteria to grow, inflammation to ensue, and acne to pop up!

Whelp thats How Stress Causes Acne!
I hope that makes sense! If you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer!

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