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  • A Welcomed Trend: Sober Campus Living: ALCOHOL Channel

    There are a growing number of services aimed at helping college students who are in recovery or struggling with a drug or alcohol problem. More >> a welcome trend sober campus living.pdf  
  • About ecstasy: ECSTASY Channel

    Ecstasy was patented by the German pharmaceutical company Merck in the early 1900s. Chemically, it is closely related to methadrine and is popular because it typically creates in the user a feeling of warmth, closeness and compatibility, while increasing More >> About ecstasy.pdf  
  • About the High-Functioning Addict: GENERAL Channel

    As you’re reading through stories of addiction, you might find it hard to see yourself in the descriptions. More >> About the High-Functioning Addict.pdf  
  • Acceptance Doesn’t Mean Condoning a Loved One’s Addiction: GENERAL Channel

    It is difficult to recognize what acceptance is in this context. I went through this with my family for the past two decades – going back and forth about what it meant to accept that my child has a problem with drugs. More >> Acceptance doesn't mean condoning a loved ones drug problem.pdf  
  • Adderall FAQ: DRUGS Channel

    Frequently Asked Questions about Adderall More >> quitting adderall faq.pdf  
  • Addicted to Our Drug Addict: GENERAL Channel

    Although I have always hesitated to be an advocate for anything because perspectives often change over time, I do consider myself now an advocate for living the best life I can. This means acknowledging the fact that no one has control over the choices I More >> Addicted to our drug addict.pdf  
  • Addiction: DRUGS Channel

    The media's portrayal of a person giving up drugs usually focuses on the immediate effects of withdrawing from heroin. It's important to remember that there's often more to an addiction than the physical withdrawal symptoms. More >> Addiction to drugs.pdf  
  • Addiction: MEPHEDRONE Channel

    Until recently, it was legal to buy and sell mephedrone, which was marketed as a plant fertiliser, even though it has no use as such. The only condition was that the mephedrone sold should not be intended for human consumption. Many people have started ab More >> Mephedrone addiction.pdf  
  • Addiction and Family: GENERAL Channel

    There is no question that drug addiction affects families in a multitude of ways — financially, emotionally and functionally. More >> Addiction and Family.pdf  
  • Addiction and Withdrawal: PCP Channel

    PCP is an addictive substance, meaning that repeated use is habit-forming. The body becomes dependent on the drug. If the user fails to get a dose, the body will react with withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal is the physical and mental effects that the user e More >> Addiction and Withdrawal.pdf  
  • Addiction Is a Disease: GENERAL Channel

    You may think: I drink alcohol and I know my limits. Alcoholics just don’t know how to control themselves. More >> Addiction is a disease.pdf  
  • Addiction Myths: GENERAL Channel

    Myth 1: People choose to become addicted to drug and alcohol. Most people start using drugs and alcohol occasionally, which is a voluntary decision. However, the more they choose to use, the more they become addicted. As the addiction grows they end up b More >> Addiction Myths.pdf  
  • Addiction To Nicotine Gum: SMOKING Channel

    This is a tough issue to come to grips with. More >> Addiction To Nicotine Gum.pdf  
  • Addiction Treatment: How Can We Make Things Better? A Q&A with Maia Szalavitz, part 4: GENERAL Channel

    When it comes to addiction treatment, too often there is a disconnect between what people with an addiction need — and what they get. More >> q&a with maia szalavitz part 4.pdf  
  • Adjusting to Recovery: When Your Addicted Child Begins to Get Well: COPING Channel

    What happens when what you have hoped and prayed for finally takes place? More >> adjusting to recovery.pdf  
  • Adverse effects of Mephedrone: MEPHEDRONE Channel

    Adverse effects reported by users include sweating, headaches, tachycardia, palpitations, nausea, chest pain, bruxism (teeth grinding), agitation/aggression and paranoia. In addition, nasal insufflation of mephedrone is reported to be associated with sign More >> Adverse effects of Mephedrone.pdf  
  • Advice for Relatives of People with Schizophrenia: SCHIZOPHRENIA Channel

    The following tips can help family members of mental patients in dealing with the disorder More >> advice for relatives of people with schizophrenia.pdf  
  • Advice For The Family Of a Drug User: DRUGS Channel

    Many families in the UK are living with a loved one who is using or trying to come off drugs. It’s a difficult situation for everyone involved, but help and support is available. More >> Advice for the family of a drug user.pdf  
  • Against Stress: Bring your senses to the rescue: STRESS Channel

    Here comes the fun part. Remember exploring your senses in elementary school? More >> Against Stress: Bring your senses to the rescue.pdf  
  • Against Stress: How to practice Yoga and Tai Chi: STRESS Channel

    Practicing relaxation techniques such as yoga and tai chi can help you achieve the relaxation response, a state of deep calmness that counteracts the negative effects of stress. More >> Against Stress: How to practice Yoga and Tai Chi.pdf  
  • Alcohol: ALCOHOL Channel

    Alcohol is a drug (a chemical that has an effect on the body and is not a food) More >> alcohol what drink does.pdf  
  • Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism: ALCOHOL Channel

    What differentiates alcohol abuse from alcoholism? While both alcohol abuse and alcoholism involve engaging in maladaptive behaviors in the use of alcohol, abuse of this substance does not include the person having withdrawal symptoms or needing more and More >> Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.pdf  
  • Alcohol Abuse in Older Adults: ALCOHOL Channel

    Many people think alcohol and drug abuse happen only to teens and younger adults. But all ages can have problems with drugs and alcohol, including older adults. More >> Alcohol Abuse in Older Adults.pdf  
  • Alcohol and Drinking: ALCOHOL Channel

    Alcohol is derived from the fermentation of sugar by yeast. It is a drug. The main psychoactive ingredient in alcoholic drinks is ethanol, or ethyl alcohol. More >> Alcohol and drinking.pdf  
  • Alcohol and Metal Illness: ALCOHOL Channel

    There is a relationship as between alcohol and mental illness. Sometimes mental illness leads to alcohol abuse, excessive alcohol drinking can contribute to mental health disorders. To better understand mental illness we need to have an idea about what co More >> Alcohol and mental illness.pdf  
  • Alcohol and Teenagers: ALCOHOL Channel

    Alcohol is drug that works directly on the central nervous system. Alcohol kills more male teenagers and young men than any other drug taken to affect mood and behavior (heroin, cocaine, marijuana). Despite this alcohol is a legal (for adults) and sociall More >> Alcohol and Teenagers.pdf  
  • Alcohol Consumption and Genetics: ALCOHOL Channel

    Scientists have found that the genes which influence the amount of alcohol people drink may be distinct from those that affect the risk of alcoholism. More >> alcohol consumption and genetics.pdf  
  • Alcohol Consumption: UK Statistics: ALCOHOL Channel

    Alcohol use is prevalent in the UK and it is estimated that 90% of adults consume alcohol. The recommended maximum intake a week is 21 units for men and 14 units for women. In 2006 knowledge of daily benchmarks and measuring alcohol in units had increa More >> UK Statistics.pdf  
  • Alcohol poisoning: ALCOHOL Channel

    Every time you drink alcohol, your liver has to filter out the poisonous alcohol from your blood. Alcohol is absorbed quickly into your body (much quicker than food), but the body can only process around one unit of alcohol in one hour. More >> Alcohol poisoning.pdf  
  • Alexa’s Story – Managing Anger as a Teenage Parent: ANGER MANAGEMENT Channel

    “I believe every mum should get the help they need. Because you don’t want your child to grow up negatively affected by your mental health issues.” More >> alexa's story managing anger as a teenage parent.pdf