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  • How To Spot An Addiction: GENERAL Channel

    Addiction involves continued use or involvement with a substance (for example, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol and food) or activity (such as sex, gambling, internet use, pornography or shopping) even when there are negative consequences result More >> How To Spot An Addiction.pdf  
  • Genetics and Addiction: GENERAL Channel

    If you have a family history of alcoholism or drug abuse, you may feel your own addiction is impossible to overcome. More >> Genetics and Addiction.pdf  
  • Dealing With Computer And Internet Addiction: GENERAL Channel

    Does your wife, girlfriend, parent, or sibling ever tell you that you are spending too much time on the computer? That you are neglecting your responsibilities? That you are becoming more irritable and unsociable? More >> Dealing With Computer And Internet Addiction.pdf  
  • Dealing With an Addict: GENERAL Channel

    If you live, work or socialize with a drug addict, you may spend a lot of time wondering how you can help this person, or whether you should help at all. More >> Dealing With an Addict.pdf  
  • Addiction and Family: GENERAL Channel

    There is no question that drug addiction affects families in a multitude of ways — financially, emotionally and functionally. More >> Addiction and Family.pdf  
  • About the High-Functioning Addict: GENERAL Channel

    As you’re reading through stories of addiction, you might find it hard to see yourself in the descriptions. More >> About the High-Functioning Addict.pdf  
  • 6 Symptoms of Food Addiction and 8 Ways to Overcome It: GENERAL Channel

    Do you think you may have a food addiction? Consider the following symptoms and how you can overcome food addiction. More >> 6 Symptoms of Food Addiction and 8 Ways to Overcome It.pdf  
  • Where Does Crystal Meth Come From?: CRYSTAL METH Channel

    Methamphetamine is available with a prescription for obesity, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and narcolepsy, but crystal meth is a street drug, made in illegal labs by chemically altering over-the-counter drugs. More >> Where Does Crystal Meth Come From.pdf  
  • What Is Crystal Meth Addiction?: CRYSTAL METH Channel

    Crystal meth is classified as an amphetamine. Addiction to crystal meth is so destructive that many chronic users risk brain damage, coma, stroke or death. More >> What Is Crystal Meth Addiction.pdf  
  • The Horrors of Crystal Meth: CRYSTAL METH Channel

    In the last few years, the abuse of crystal methamphetamine (also known as crystal, meth, tina or speed) has gotten out of control in the U.S. gay community. One reason this is so alarming is that the abuse of crystal meth contributes to the spread of HIV More >> The Horrors of Crystal Meth.pdf  
  • Teen Meth Use Facts: CRYSTAL METH Channel

    Methamphetamine (Meth) drug use among teens is currently declining, which is good news. But the use of this drug by teenagers is still happening and parents need to remain aware. More >> Teen Meth Use Facts.pdf  
  • Crystal Meth and heart Disease: CRYSTAL METH Channel

    Using the illegal street drug crystal meth is clearly a disaster-in-the-making from both a physical and psychological standpoint. More >> Crystal Meth and heart Disease.pdf  
  • 10 Things You Need to Know about Crystal Meth: CRYSTAL METH Channel

    Crystal Meth is always made in bootleg labs and because of this the potency, effects and dangers of the drug change everytime you use. More >> 10 Things You Need to Know about Crystal Meth.pdf  
  • Where does ketamine come from?: KETAMINE Channel

    Ket is an entirely man-made drug. It's not generally produced illegally as it is too complicated to synthesise, and the chemicals needed to make it are not readily available. More >> Where does ketamine come from.pdf  
  • Treatment of Ketamine Overdose: KETAMINE Channel

    In emergency room settings, ketamine overdose patients are treated supportively. Respiratory, cardiac, and neurological functions are closely monitored and managed. More >> Treatment of Ketamine Overdose.pdf  
  • Ketamine Tolerance and Dependence: KETAMINE Channel

    There is evidence that after frequent and prolonged use, ketamine is addictive. People who use ketamine regularly can develop dependence and tolerance to it, which means they need to take larger amounts of ketamine to get the same effect. More >> Ketamine Tolerance and Dependence.pdf  
  • Ketamine And Memory Loss: KETAMINE Channel

    The University College London team carried out a range of memory and psychological tests on 120 people. More >> Ketamine And Memory Loss.pdf  
  • Ketamine and Dissociation: KETAMINE Channel

    Although many of ketamine’s effects can be found in other hallucinogens such as LSD, one is unique to the ketamine experience — a sense of dissociation in which the mind seems to leave the body and float in space. Ketamine users often refer to this experi More >> Ketamine and Dissociation.pdf  
  • History of Ketamine: KETAMINE Channel

    Like LSD, MDMA (Ecstasy) and its close chemical cousin PCP, Ketamine is a product of twentieth century pharmacy, and to this day a healthy revenue source for 'big medicine'. More >> History of Ketamine.pdf  
  • FAQ about Ketamine: KETAMINE Channel

    Ketamine is a fast-acting anaesthetic and painkiller used principally in veterinary surgery. It is also used, to a lesser degree, in human medicine. More >> FAQ about Ketamine.pdf  
  • Where Does Mephedrone Come From?: MEPHEDRONE Channel

    Mephedrone is the best-known of a group of drugs based on the alkaloid cathinone; its chemical name is 4-methylmethcathinone, abbreviated to MMCAT - hence its childish-sounding meow meow nickname. More >> Where Does Mephedrone Come From.pdf  
  • What To Do If It All Goes Wrong: MEPHEDRONE Channel

    Using on your own is more risky than using in a group, as if anything goes wrong, nobody is there to help. More >> What To Do If It All Goes Wrong.pdf  
  • Tips To Stop Kids On Mephedrone: MEPHEDRONE Channel

    IT might not yet be illegal, but mephedrone - aka meow meow - is a dangerous substance that has already claimed the lives of several British youngsters. More >> Tips To Stop Kids On Mephedrone.pdf  
  • Mixing Mephedrone With Other Drugs: MEPHEDRONE Channel

    Combining drugs is always risky and there is no guarantee that one combination is safer than another. The following risks may be present when mixing mephedrone with other drugs. More >> Mixing Mephedrone With Other Drugs.pdf  
  • Misconceptions About Mephedrone: MEPHEDRONE Channel

    There are a number of misconceptions surrounding mephedrone, which we should clear up. More >> Misconceptions About Mephedrone.pdf  
  • Dependence, Addiction and Overdose Risk: MEPHEDRONE Channel

    There is limited research on the mephedrone and the risk of dependence, addiction and overdose. More >> Dependence, Addiction and Overdose Risk.pdf  
  • Can Mephedrone Casue Impotence?: MEPHEDRONE Channel

    John Mann, professor of chemistry at Queen's University, Belfast, also said the drug should have been banned sooner. More >> Can Mephedrone Casue Impotence.pdf  
  • What Is PCP Made Of?: PCP Channel

    PCP has no links to anything that is found in nature. More >> What Is PCP Made Of.pdf  
  • What Does PCP look like?: PCP Channel

    In its pure state, PCP generally takes the form of a white, crystalline powder that dissolves quickly in water and alcohol. More >> What Does PCP look like.pdf  
  • PCP Usage Trends: PCP Channel

    PCP's effects are so unpredictable and frequently so unpleasant that it has a well-deserved bad reputation, even among drug abusers. More >> PCP Usage Trends.pdf