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  • 12 Devastating Effects of Cocaine Abuse During Pregnancy

    Cocaine abuse during pregnancy can lead to devastating effects. Here is a list of how cocaine use can affect a pregnant woman and her baby: More >> 12 Devastating Effects of Cocaine Abuse During Pregnancy.pdf  
  • 7 tips to combat Cocaine addiction relapse

    • Keep a list of reasons to stay clean: This will continually remind you of why you desire to become clean. It will motivate you to continue through the urges, and give you goals to look forward to. More >> Tips to combat Cocaine addiction relapse.pdf  
  • A Light in the Dark: the Story of My Overdose

    For a long time, I debated as to whether or not I should write about my path to personal growth. After much reflection, I decided that if there’s at least one person that can be inspired or learn something from my story, it’s worth sharing. More >> a light in the dark my overdose story.pdf  
  • An Addict’s Story: Cocaine and the Crash

    Today, Jane — not her real name — talks about how she developed cocaine addiction and how it devastated her life. A few facts have been changed to protect Jane's anonymity. More >> an addict's story cocaine and the crash.pdf  
  • Basic Facts About Cocaine

    Cocaine is an intense, euphoria-producing stimulant drug with strong addictive potential. More >> Basic Facts About Cocaine.pdf  
  • Basic Facts About Crack Cocaine

    Crack or crack cocaine is a form of cocaine. It has not been neutralized by an acid to make cocaine hydrochloride, the pure form of the chemical. More >> Basic Facts About Crack Cocaine.pdf  
  • Books About Cocaine And Cocaine Addiction

    These books trace the political and cultural history of cocaine, the devastating effects it has had on the lives of those who abuse it and explore the most effective treatment and relapse prevention strategies. More >> Books About Cocaine And Cocaine Addiction.pdf  
  • Cocaine - Withdrawal Symptoms

    When one stops using alcohol, or drugs like heroin, physical symptoms often exert themselves. Shaking and vomiting are common when one stops abusing other substances. With cocaine, while some people do experience these physical symptoms, they are not very More >> Cocaine withdrawal symptoms.pdf  
  • Cocaine Addiction Recovery Statistics

    Cocaine is an incredibly addictive drug. More >> Cocaine Addiction Recovery Statistics.pdf  
  • Cocaine Affects Women's Brain Differently

    An Emory University School of Medicine study indicates that cocaine-dependent women experience reactions in the brain that are different from men, suggesting that gender-specific treatment strategies for cocaine abuse may be helpful. More >> Cocaine Affects Women's Brain Differently.pdf  
  • Cocaine and crack: the story

    Cocaine is a powerful stimulant, usually snorted in powder form. Find out the story and the science behind those little white lines. More >> cocaine and crack the story.pdf  
  • Cocaine and the Nervous System

    By Elizabeth Damore All drugs have a negative effect on the nervous system, but few can match the dramatic impact of cocaine. Cocaine is one of the most potent, addictive, and unpredictable recreational drugs, and thus can cause the most profound and irr More >> Cocaine and the Nervous System.pdf  
  • Cocaine Anonymous - Jacqueline’s Story

    My name is Jacqueline and I am a recovering addict. More >> jacqueline's story.pdf  
  • Cocaine Effects

    The effects of cocaine can be extremely detrimental on the body, and the consequences related to cocaine effects can eventually lead to permanent damage, addiction and death. While each person who uses this drug reacts to it differently, there are two dis More >> Cocaine Effects.pdf  
  • Cocaine Overdose

    A cocaine overdose may occur from even a small amount of the drug, because cocaine usage reduces the flow of oxygen to the heart. Cocaine use can cause the heart muscle to have to work a great deal harder, which can potentially lead to a heart attack or a More >> Cocaine Overdose.pdf  
  • Considerations in treating cocaine dependence

    Successful treatment often occurs in an outpatient setting. Initially, hospitalization may be necessary to treat withdrawal symptoms and prevent continued, compulsive use of cocaine. Outpatient treatment can be very successful; however, there are many imp More >> CONSIDERATIONS IN TREATING COCAINE DEPENDENCE.pdf  
  • Crack and crime in the USA

    The “crack epidemic”, as it is known, lasted roughly ten years, from 1984 to around 1994. In this time, the murder rate for black males aged between 14 and 24 roughly doubled. More >> crack and crime in the usa.pdf  
  • Crack Cocaine Dependence

    Crack cocaine provides brain stimulation that can be intensely pleasurable, but this drug can also be extremely dangerous. The line between using and abusing crack cocaine can be difficult to discern, especially since some users may become addicted after More >> Crack Cocaine Dependence.pdf  
  • Dangers of Going Through Cocaine Detox Alone

    The intense psychological withdrawal symptoms associated with cocaine cessation can result in depression, anxiety or even psychosis in chronic cocaine users. More >> Dangers of Going Through Cocaine Detox Alone.pdf  
  • Deviated Septum From Cocaine or Meth Use

    A deviated septum, also known as a nasal septum perforation, refers to a crooked septum. More >> Deviated Septum From Cocaine or Meth Use.pdf  
  • Diagnosis of Cocaine Abuse

    Often, the final diagnosis of someone who is abusing cocaine is not made by emergency department evaluation and may require admission to the hospital, further testing, and results of tests, which take time or are not done in a hospital emergency departmen More >> Diagnosis of Cocaine Abuse.pdf  
  • Find out about the help available if you want to stop using cocaine, crack and other stimulants, such as amphetamines.

    Treatment for cocaine and other stimulants differs from the treatment for heroin. There are no effective prescribed substitute drugs available, although you may be given some medication as part of your treatment. More >> find out the help available if you want to stop using cocaine.pdf  
  • Four Ways to Battle Cocaine Addiction

    Withdrawing from cocaine isn't easy, but it's necessary in order to kick the habit completely. More >> Four Ways to Battle Cocaine Addiction.pdf  
  • Heart and Cardiovascular Problems Due to Cocaine Use

    Frequent cocaine use can cause many negative physical effects, including death. More >> Heart and Cardiovascular Problems Due to Cocaine Use.pdf  
  • HIV-AIDS and Hepatitis Risks for Cocaine Abusers

    Cocaine abusers, especially those who inject, are at increased risk for contracting such infectious diseases as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV/AIDS) and hepatitis. More >> HIV-AIDS and Hepatitis Risks for Cocaine Abusers.pdf  
  • How Addictive is Cocaine

    Animal laboratory studies have demonstrated how addictive cocaine can be. Animals will work much more persistently for a cocaine bar than any other drug, even opiates. Addicted humans eventually prefer taking cocaine to any other activity - their lifestyl More >> How addictive is cocaine.pdf  
  • How Does Cocaine Affect the Brain?

    Cocaine is a strong central nervous system stimulant that increases levels of dopamine, a brain chemical (or neurotransmitter) associated with pleasure and movement, in the brain’s reward circuit. More >> How does cocaine affect the brain.pdf  
  • How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Your System?

    Have you used cocaine recently? Do you often use the drug when you party late into the night or do you use it regularly to get through the day? More >> How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Your System.pdf  
  • How to beat Cocaine addiction

    Every addict travels their own path to clean and learn how to beat cocaine addiction. There are general guidelines on how to beat cocaine addiction, but it usually comes down to two overriding factors – how motivated someone is to quit and how much suppor More >> How to beat Cocaine addiction.pdf  
  • How To Quit Cocaine

    Because of the euphoria created by cocaine, it is a difficult drug to quit. Typically, cocaine addicts are experiencing detrimental health effects, ruined finances and broken relationships before they begin to look for ways to learn how to quit cocaine. T More >> How to quit cocaine.pdf