Do You Want Marijuana?

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"Marijuana is not a safe alternative to cigarettes. If you or any of your loves ones need help with marijuana addiction, don't be afraid to reach out to our marijuana helpline at +1-855-645-3946.

Everybody loves you and is also concerned about you. Do what you need to do to get your life back on track.

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"I had extremly bad anxiety for the first week when I quit, it lead to irritability and problems falling asleep, it was tough, but you learn new coping techniques along with them, it gets easier."


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Tips & Hints

  • Decide to make a change

    For many people struggling with addiction, the biggest and toughest step toward recovery is deciding to make a change. It’s normal to...
  • Keep triggers and cravings in check

    While getting sober from drugs is an important first step, it’s only the beginning of the recovery process. Once sober, the brain nee...
  • Don’t let relapse keep you down

    Relapse is a common part of the recovery process from drug addiction. While relapse is understandably frustrating and discouraging, it ...
  • Make a life change

    The first step to fighting addiction is to make a decision that it is time to make a life change. That life change will reflect your de...
  • No more secrets

    It’s time to clean out the closet and take inventory. No hiding because of shame. No hiding because of fear. You are not alone in you...
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