Eating Disorders; Signs of a Struggle

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"Eating Disorders can range from a mild preoccupation with food to a life threatening disorder. No matter where you are on that spectrum, it is a debilitating and exhausting and I want to encourage you to not settle for partial freedom.

In this video, I share 8 signs that you or someone you love may struggle with an eating disorder.

1-Constant preoccupation with food.
2-Feelings of guilt, shame or failure after you eat.
3-Excessive counting of calorie/fat/carb intake…
4-When the # on the scale has power over your mood. It can set you off into a binge or starvation mode.
5-Skip meals or restrict intake when you know you will eat in public. Need to be in control of what you eat.
6-All or nothing thinking. Good vs bad food.
7-Use of laxatives, excessive exercise…
8-Desire to be around food, but not allow yourself to enjoy it.

You are beautiful… don’t forget it."


"Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care."


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Tips & Hints

  • Eat Meals with Family or Friends

    A person who is anxious about eating will feel more comfortable doing so among other people they trust, such as family or friends. This...
  • Keep a Food Diary

    Keep a food diary of what you eat and when you eat it to help you focus on eating regularly. Also record any episodes of going without ...
  • Take Regular Exercise

    Studies have shown exercise to have a positive effect on low self-esteem and poor body image, which are widely cited as being contribut...
  • Be Patient

    Unhealthy relationships with food do not develop overnight, and it can take many months and even years to regain full control over your...
  • Eat Healthy Foods

    The types of foods we eat are important. We all like to indulge in our favourite foods every once in a while, but we should also eat as...
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