5 Misconceptions about Anxiety!

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"Today we are debunking some common myths about anxiety! Please share any that you have heard in the comments and join the conversation! The first myth is that everyone is anxious sometimes and having an actual “anxiety disorder” isn’t a real thing. While it is true that many people feel anxious sometimes, but when we have an anxiety disorder, that means that we cannot function in our daily life. The anxiety that we feel is impairing our ability to live our life and do what we want with it. The second myth is that therapy for anxiety is going to take forever. Not true. CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) is the best therapy for anxiety disorders and many people report feeling some relief after only a couple of sessions. The third myth is that medication is the only thing that can help. As we just talked about, CBT can be very helpful and give those who struggle some relief from their symptoms. Myth number four is that anxiety disorders are not very common. This couldn’t be more off base! Millions of American’s struggle with anxiety disorders and 1 in 5 American adults will struggle with an anxiety disorder in any given year. 1 in 5! To me that seems pretty common. The final myth is that someone with anxiety just needs to avoid stressful situations. To be honest, if we could all avoid stressful situations, I think we would, but we can’t. To avoid anything stressful would mean that we have to stay home and not have any relationships or jobs. That not only sounds terrible and life limiting, but researchers have told us that by avoiding stressful things we only feel more anxious about them. It’s much better for us to have tools we can use and know that we can deal with that stress head on.
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"The thing about anxiety is, it can take on a life of its own. Everything becomes a potential crisis. The unthinkable has happened. So around every corner, there's the next possible disaster."

Linda Andrews, MD

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