Crystal Meth Addiction

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533 days ago

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"Tibor Palatinus discusses Crystal Meth addiction, the cycle of abuse & addiction, and the ""typical"" outcome a meth addict faces.

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Tips & Hints

  • Keep triggers and cravings in check

    While getting sober from drugs is an important first step, it’s only the beginning of the recovery process. Once sober, the brain nee...
  • Reach out for support

    Don’t try to go it alone. Whatever treatment approach you choose, having a solid support system is essential. The more positive influ...
  • Make a life change

    The first step to fighting addiction is to make a decision that it is time to make a life change. That life change will reflect your de...
  • Regain Power

    Many addictions are undermined because we believe we are powerless to change the situation. This is not true! You do have the power to ...
  • Look for help

    There are many groups and organizations available to help you overcome your addiction. Once you have set your mind to beating your addi...
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