Molestation, Depression & Secrets - Speak Up!

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"Throughout my life I struggled with depression off and on without realizing it. The longest stint was 5 years straight. I was so depressed that I barely left the house, experienced bad anxiety, mood swings, crying spells & major insomnia. Throughout my life I struggled with low self esteem, worried about what others thought of me; I operated out of guilt and insecurity. It wasn't until I faced & dealt with the fact that I'd been raped and molested as a child.

It was the hardest thing that I had to deal with. I hadn't realized how it affected EVERY PART OF MY LIFE including relationships & trust issues. It took time, receiving counseling, facing my pain & a lot of truth.

I learned that it takes so much more energy & strength holding onto a secret than it does to speak up & tell someone about it. I was very ashamed, carried around A LOT of guilt, fear, anger, frustration & hurt for many many years.

I was afraid of no one believing me, afraid of family members being hurt or embarrassed by the revelation. Mostly I didn't want to re-visit the trauma of the experience. In my twisted way of protecting myself & others I was slowly building my own little prison & allowing my true self to die away in that prison.

It's never easy to face but the pay off of freedom is so much greater. Many people, children & families refuse to acknowledge & take action against molestation & often turn a blind eye to it or never speaking about it. By speaking up about what you've been through you can save so many children from this experience. Teach them to speak up & take action. Don't be ashamed because there are so many others who have been raped and/or molested. You are not alone!

Seek counseling, develop a relationship with Christ, trust Him to get you through it & Speak up!

Now, I'm so proud to say that I've overcome depression & can truly smile from within. If I can do it... So can you!

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"I had a terrible day today and started telling myself, "You just need to suck it up. Stop acting like a loser. You're so weak." It's that sort of thinking that keeps me from getting better, and I need to start putting myself first."


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