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"Here is a small clip from the Season 12, episode 1 episode of A&E's show Intervention, which I highly recommend to anyone interested.

Christina is a recreational user of both Crystal Meth and the prescription pain-killer Norco. She has only been using Crystal Meth for the past 8 months.

Here we see an example of the emotional and psychological effects of Methamphetamine and prescription pill abuse.
Christina becomes exceedingly irrational and violent when she is denied her pills. Her sanity is already deteriorating from her drug-use (which can be seen in the previous video). She threatens to kill herself and even threatens her other family-members with a kitchen-knife.
Her brother is called in to deal with her when her behavior becomes too much for her mother to handle.
He eventually has to remove any knives or sharp objects from the home entirely to ensure Christina doesn't use them on herself or others.

This is a graphic example of what a mere few months of narcotic-use can do to your mind, turning a normal woman into a violent, shrieking mental-patient. Take it as a warning.
This video was uploaded with the intent of educating people to the dangers of the use of illegal hard narcotics via allowing them to see real-world examples of what it does to people.

Intervention is (c) A&E"


"I'd be high for days, having sex with so many guys I just lost count."


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