Harry Levine: Researcher Exposing Unlawful Marijuana Arrests ...

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Queens College Professor, Dr. Harry Levine, is the country's leading researcher on marijuana arrests. His first report, co-authored with Deborah Peterson Smalls, Marijuana Arrests Crusade: Racial Bias and Policy 1997-2007, shed light on the illegal and racists marijuana arrests. His second report, NYC Marijuana Arrest Crusade Continues, and third report, $75 Million a Year: The Costs of NYC Marijuana Possession Arrests, explain how policing practices exploit a ""loophole"" in the law. Oftentimes, the police demand that people -- usually young people of color -- empty their pockets, and when they do, the violation for marijuana possession turns into an arrestable misdemeanor for marijuana in public view."


"It's much more potent marijuana, which may explain why we've seen a pretty dramatic increase in admission to emergency rooms and treatment programs for marijuana"

Dr Nora D Volkow

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