Tips to quit Gambling


Admit addiction

A compulsive behaviour, gambling obsession can be cured only when people recognize the addiction and admit it. Admitting the problem and enrolling in a program to recover from the addiction are vital. When your family or friends inform you about your compulsive attitude towards gambling, acknowledge it after evaluating your behaviour objectively.

Decide to stop gambling

Make a strong decision to abstain from gambling and indulge in other activities to keep you engaged. Overcome gambling addiction by sticking to abstinence and not deviating from it.


If you find it difficult to give up gambling, seek the help of a professional counsellor, who specializes in gambling addiction. The counsellor near your area with adequate experience and qualification would guide you through recovery from addiction.

Gamblers Anonymous

Become a member of gamblers Anonymous group in your locality and get support from fellow gamblers in the group to tackle addiction. The support groups replete with people who are gamblers will help you deal with everyday temptations and provide invaluable insights in controlling the urge to gamble.

Calculate your wins and losses

Gamblers generally forget to get the real picture of things and are more fascinated about the speculation of the outcome. Some of them even count their 'almost wins' as wins which is not reality. It is mandatory for people indulging in gambling to account for all their wins and losses. A record of the games played, stakes won or lost and an absolute idea about the financial position of a gambler needs to be examined. This will help gamblers to observe the growth or reduction in finances owing to their gambling activity.

Use internet filters

If you play gambling online, install internet filters that block these sites, for overcoming gambling addiction. When the sites are blocked, the urge to play subsides since, you are not provided with any facilities to play the game, however tempted you are.

Self-help books

Some self help books written by renowned authors can help you to learn more about controlling and curing gambling obsession. For overcoming gambling addiction, you can use the tips and guidelines mentioned in these books.

Handover the finances

Entrust the duty of handling the finances to someone else in your family. Allow them to pay bills, buy essential household stuff and even get things for you. Stay away from using money for a period of two to three months and check if you can avoid gambling altogether. This will help in controlling your desire to indulge in the obsession and overcoming gambling addiction.

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"I was always a casual gambler but now I have become a loner and my entire days are consumed with it."


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